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How to play and/or download a WAV file


Depending on your web browser and your sound player(s), you can play a sound file in a number of ways. Usually, when you click on a link to a .wav file it will play for you. This does not mean it is saved on your local system. If it is a large file, and each of these teleconference files is very large, you should save it to your own computer and then play it. To save it, right click on the link to the .wav, then choose "Save Target As", name it, and choose which folder to place it in - remember where you saved it..  To listen to it, find the file which has now been saved to your computer and click on it. Your media player should pop up and play the conference.


Click on the links below to save and listen to each of the teleconferences.



                            July 24, 2009 Teleconference


                    September 24, 2009 Teleconference


                    January 20, 2010 Teleconference


                    September 14, 2011 Teleconference


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